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Kuro Reff by Rim-Faxee
Kuro Reff
A character i havent worked to much with, thus he has
a pretty plain description lol

will add more as he goes along.

Name : Kuro
Gender : Male
Age : 18

Likes :
:bulletgreen: Origami

Dislikes :
:bulletred: Smokes.

Info :
Kuro is a ninja, he belongs to a dark society
where he listenes to his elder's orders. they can be
bad or good, but thats nothing a ninja can decide.
Kuro is looking for a new person to call his Master.
he is tired of the old orders, they are allways about
killing people from higher ups.

He doessnt have much of a personality at all.
since that is something thats ripped away for a ninja.
but his personality will develop depending on who
he is around.

The Weapon :
He uses daggers and a katana sword often, but
he got one weapon that is different. This weapon
issnt so heavy so he can easily carry it on his back,
and he can use it with one hand. it got a handle in 
the middle of the sircle, and the blades will rotate around
the handle, making the handle stay still, while the blades
are in constant motion. 

Abillities :
Kuro is fond of Origami, papercraft.
he has also trained himself in the arts of magic, and
specialices in Origami. he allways carries a special type
or paper he can fold and use whenever he wants.

His most used skill is the origami butterflies.
the paper is folded into butterflies and wil start flying around.
they often are sendt to a person with a written message.
they are also used alot to help souls to the after life.
after a battle where a life was lost, he will take his time to
fold a butterflie, and send them off to honor the dead.

Aside from the Origami, he got some other things
that take him away from normal people. his accuracy and
speed is better than that of normal people. and he can jump
further and has a realy good ballance.

Enjoy ~
Erim Reff by Rim-Faxee
Erim Reff

Name : Erim
Gender : Male
Age : Unknown

Likes :
:bulletgreen: Meat.
:bulletgreen: Listening to the stories of Ghosts.

Dislikes :
:bulletred: The God Odin.
:bulletred: Grain.
:bulletred: Owls.
:bulletred: Souls begging for Life.

Info :
Erim belongs to the norse mythologi.
His Father is Sleipnir, and his grandfather
is none other than Loki himself. Erim is often
called up to Valhalla to meet with Odin,
its often inorder to take punishment in his
grandfathers stead. punishment by the gods are severe
and hard to heal. but since Erim is a god himself, he
doessnt die from it, but still feels its pain.

Erim is the god of the borderline. 
it means he is the judge to decide if a soul can 
be sendt up to Valhalla / Heaven, or to Hell.
This means Erim is often found on large battle
fields where theres countless dead.

The Demon :
Erim is a demon of death. wich means, any living
being that toutches him will catch fire and burn to death.
they will be sendt right to Hell without judgment.

he can make himself invisable to normal eyes, theres an exeption,
but its a rare case. a person can make a deal with the demon.

He is also able to use fire. when in a fighting mood, fire will
come out of his hoves and he will breathe it aswell.
if he is angered he can cover his entire body in flames.

Erim has the power to rule souls of recent dead bodies.
however, he is also able to, with some chanting, able to call
upon souls of restless spirits, or souls not able to find peace.

he is also able to use souls to his advantage, he can sacrifice
a soul to a living being, making the soul a shiled for the
beings life. it means that the one with the burrowed soul,
can be killed without dying for aslong as theres souls to replace 
the life that was suppoused to be lost.

The Contract With a Demon :
Theres a contract that can be made with Erim, but only few
can actualy do it. one thing that must be done, is to toutch
Erim without buring up.

Theres a secrett to be able to toutch him. one must have a clear goal
in mind and with a burning passion to achive that goal, only then
one can be able to survive the curse.

The deal Erim can make is, he can help with any revenge, any goal
thats set about murder, or goals to take over land.
There are other deals he can make, but they all depend on the person
asking for the deal.
once the deal is done, he will call the contracter for Master, and 
he will protect the contractor untill the deal is over.
once the deal is finaly over, the grim side of the contract comes.
Erim will judge the person he contracted with. he will decide if 
his former master is worth to keep alive, or if Hell wants them.

A skill he got is that he can bend into the shadows, and simply
sink into the darkness and dissapear, and then reappear a long
distance away within seconds. this however, does not work
if his body is contrained, or tied down. if he is leashed, he can
still teleport, but not away from the leash, he will still be stuck, but 
can teleport withing the leashes lenght.

The Human Form:
Erim has a human form, its a bit tricky since he cant use it just whenever
he wants to. During a full moon, he can transform and stay a human
for aslong as he wants. but outside of that, transforming means
he has to use alot of energy to maintain that form. he can stay
that form for some time, but will be exhausted by its use.

in his human form, his skin issnt cursed, and can be toutched by 
anyone, and he cant go invisable. he can still teleport, but the
same rules apply to his human form.

if he is badly hurt, on the brink of death, his demon form will
transform him to his human one, in order to store energy.
if his state is weakened to a certan point, this will happen,
and it means that for that time being, he is a normal human
who is able to die, and he wont be able to transform back
into a demon untill he is recovered.

Enjoy ~ !
Feb 15, 2015
:iconrim-faxee:Rim-Faxee has changed their username (formerly Klopenp)
Kaden Reff by Rim-Faxee
Kaden Reff
Yuush, its Kaden's time !

Name : Kaden
Gender : Male
Age : 18

Likes :
:bulletgreen: Weasels
:bulletgreen: Guns
:bulletgreen: Travelling
:bulletgreen: Spicy food

Dislikes :
:bulletred: Maps
:bulletred: Sour food.

Info :
Kaden is an odd one, little is known about his past, his parrents,
or where he came from.
Kaden is a nice guy, he has a terrible sense of direction, and gets 
lost pretty easily. he is also pretty oblivius, and dont realy understand
it when girls try to hint things to him. he loves making new friends, but 
its hard sometimes, mainly cuz of how he lives. he is a thief, living off stolen
food and clothes. he is not alone however, he got a small weasel following him.
Saki, is his best friend, despite not being human, but Saki is not normal.
Saki can speak the human language, aswell as speaking with other animals.
the weasel also know his ways around magic.

Kaden and Saki has been together since they were small. Kaden once saved the
weasel's life, and are now life long companions who travell together.

Kaden has a way of understanding people, but is terrible at sensing the mood.
he is eager to help others if he can. he allways starts by nicknaming girls,
they allways start with "Girly" and then as tome goes on, it will either change
to her actual name, or some other new title.

Kaden has a sleeping habbit. since he is allways sleeping outside, he is not
used to having anything or anyone warm next to him, asside from a fire.
so if he sleeps next to someone, he has a tendancy to wake up hugging
the person next to him. he rarely does it with guys around, but it happens 
some times too.

The Past :
Little is known about his past, he never talks about it.
what is known is that he saved the weasel named Saki, who
comes from an old lineage of important weasels that know magic.
Kaden has since young age, learned to steal food, and other things in order
to survive. when it all started is a blur to him, but he remember alot of
blood. he is afraid to know the truth about his family. but the dream that
haunts him, is him killing his entire family, alone.

The Dark Kaden :
Kaden have a secrett power that activates when he is near death.
its works to the point where his personality changes completely during
fights. he goes into a trance like state where his body becomes controlled
by instincts alone. his eyes start glowing faintly as a sign that its about 
to happen. during this mode, he cant controll himself, thus making him
attack and kill everything he comes by. if he is about to attack someone
dear to him, the real Kaden might be able to take over for a moment to 
avoid the kill.

Dark Kaden by Klopenp
The Weapons :
Kaden's preffered weapon is guns, the bullets are specialy made to make a small
explosion on hit, making them much more deadly, its in order to not have to
use to many bullets to kill.

17th of May - Kaden as Russ by KlopenpFirst Kiss by KlopenpA Fullmoon's Night by Klopenp
Kaden Relaxing by KlopenpKaden by Klopenp

Saki :
<da:thumb id="513953136">

Enjoy ~
Saki Reff by Rim-Faxee
Saki Reff
Saki's first actual appearance !

Name : Saki
Gender : Male
Age : Unknown

Likes :
:bulletgreen: Smokes
:bulletgreen: Meat and Fish
:bulletgreen: Magic.
:bulletgreen: Adventure.

Dislikes :
:bulletred: Predators.
:bulletred: Being bossed around.
:bulletred: Being left alone.

Info :
Saki is a messed up Weasel. he comes from a long herritage
of Magical weasels. they had gotten this power from their 
alliance with dragons in the old earth. thus making Saki
a powerfull pet with an attitude.

Saki's kind, the weasels, are a kind of people, that live longer
than their normal relatives, they live for about 20-30 human
years, but they can also link themselves to another creature,
they will gain the lifespan of their partner and add to the original
age they live. thus making them live for a long time if linked
with the right ones.

Saki got into the habbit of smoking when having watched humans
up close for a long time. he is also considdered a disgrace of the family,
but is still an important member of their clan.

Saki also calls Kaden for Aniki (Brother)

The Magic :
Saki got the power of magic, the main source comes from the gem
thats attatched to the necklace he wears.
he got powers that allow him to travell in time, but this takes alot of
his energy, and takes a long time to cast. he will need to rest for
several days after casting it.

another power is the Repell. it allows him to reject or push away
whatever it is that is comming towards him. he once used this to stop
a bad fight Kaden was in. he jumped into the fight as the weapons were
clashing. he can also use this to pull someone or something away from
him like a shield. he himself decide the range of this. 

Pull is another skill, its reversed from Repell. this means he
can pull someone or something closer to him, its he who decide what is
pulled and not, so he can decide to pull just one rock among the five
laying there.

Wrap makes him go from one place to another. often used when
stealing, or to avoid hits. the avarage lenght of a wrap is 5 meters/ 16.4 ft.
but the most he can go at a time is 10 meters /32.8 ft.

Rifts that can trap/ store items or living things into a small space
of his controll. this is a skill he is practising and not very good at yet. 
for the time being he is able to keep a small space where he can store small
items such as herbs, food, or tools. 

Aura protects him from other spells that would affect him directly,
such as form changes, personality changes or mind controll.

The Past :
Before Saki met Kaden, he used to live in a town where alot of humans, unaware
of magic lived. he studied the humans from afar, while staying out of problems.
he learned their language and learned their culture, and ways of behaving.
some of these thing he tok a liking too, and adapted to them. he started smoking
and behaving much like a human would, despite being a weasel of a high ranked
family linage.

His clan resented him for what he did, and called him a traitor of traditions.
but the clan still cant throw out their own kind. Saki tought them the things 
he learned, and they decided for themselves what to do with the information.
the clan itself had often gotten in contact with humans, mostly to expand
their own lifespan, but also becuse they found true companionship with them.
many learned things they shared with their clans, and many wise old leaders 
came from the team work with the humans.

The old Clan that Saki belongs to has an old history with Dragons.
other clans have their power from Unicorns, Kirins, Trolls, Pegasus, Elves
, Pheonixs and many other legendary creatures. another part of the clan,
got powers from demons such as Kitsunes, Golems, Orcs, Centaurs, Mermaids,
Birds of Paradise, Werewolfs and Devils.
This power means they can comunicate just fine with the creature they got
the powers from, and they all wear something that expands their power in 
some way or the other. Saki's clan got Rubies filled with Dragons fire.

Back in the town where Saki used to live. he had found himself trapped.
his energy was all ran out, and he had been attacked by two stray dogs that caught 
him off guard. he was badly beaten, and any last attack would finnish him for good.

thats where a human came into the picture, Saki could faintly hear the sound of gun
shots and the dogs whining. the next thing he remembers was waking up in the
lap of a human. thats when he met Kaden for the first time, and he decided
to bind himself to that human from that day on. Saki has told Kaden everything
that is needed to know about his clan and the story behind it.
and now, they never leave eachothers side.

Kaden Reff by Klopenp

Enjoy ~ !


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In Heaven: the cooks are French,
the policemen are English,
the mechanics are German,
the lovers are Italian
and the bankers are Swiss.

In Hell: the cooks are English,
the policemen are German,
the mechanics are French,
the lovers are Swiss
and the bankers are Italian.
~ Grandpa Rome
Doing some updates on my OC's as people might have noticed lol

Spamm da world with... OC's !! >: D




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